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We at Migration Experts, Our Professional team deeply understands the requirements of a client. When it comes to visa, we analyze the complete profile of a client, take into consideration their accolades and compare it with the criteria that are been set by authorities, thus helping them with various kind of visa services like Study visa in New Zealand, Work Visa in New Zealand, New Zealand spouse visa and many more services.

We work tirelessly to ensure that our clients from all over the world are fully satisfied with our advice. Client satisfaction is our number one concern, which is evident in the vast number of success stories Migration Expert has helped create. Licensed Immigration Advisers at Migration Experts are regulated by the IAA (Immigration Advisers Authority of New Zealand), which ensures that our immigration advisers and the services they offer are completely trusted and 100% accurate.

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Study Visa

The dreams of millions of people around the world for Studying in New Zealand can be satisfied by Migration Experts. Our Professional Team offers services in Migration for New Zealand are tailor-made in order for you to have a stress free experience and to sail smoothly into your new life.

If you wish to study longer than 3 months in New Zealand, you must apply for a student visa to undertake the course. We also partner with reputed New Zealand education institutions and can arrange offer of a place for your preferred qualification which may be Diploma, Degree or postgraduate qualification. We provide this service with no extra cost, provided we are representing you for the student visa application at Immigration New Zealand.

Work Visa

A Work Visa is designed to bring capable and highly skilled people to New Zealand order to work, support the economy and help improve the workforce. There a number of different work visas that vary by skills, terms of employment and sponsorship.

New Zealand has great work-life balance which is admired all over the world. There are various key industries in New Zealand job market where skills are needed. Strict Employment Laws protect employees in number of ways and New Zealand is committed to ensure that migrant workers are treated fairly.

Visitor Visa

New Zealand is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. If you are planning a holiday abroad, New Zealand would be a perfect choice for you with its exceptional landscape beauty, temperate climate, and beautiful beaches etc.

NZ visitor visa enables you to travel to New Zealand to meet friends and family, holidaying, sightseeing, amateur sports. Business Visitor may also apply for this visa provided that they are not taking an employment in New Zealand and the duration of their visit is no more than 3 months. There are also various types of special categories of visitor visas available to apply under this category, please contact us for more information.

Live Visa

New Zealand is a land where healthcare is free, people are friendly, and its one of the top ten places to live in world. But actually obtaining permanent residence is slightly tough. We provide tailored Immigration advice on how to permanently migrate to New Zealand and call this country your new home. New Zealand Immigration system has various categories to apply for residence status. Migration experts will provide you step by step guide to achieve your goal.

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We at Migration Experts treat each case differently and provide tailored advise according to client situation therefore our legal also varies from client to client. In order to provide best quotes of our legal fee, Our Licensed Immigration Adviser must assess your case and provide advise along with detailed description of our legal charges. (Please note Immigration New Zealand levy and any other third parties expense are not included in our quoted legal fee).