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Work Visa

New Zealand has great work-life balance which is admired all over the world. There are various key industries in New Zealand job market where skills are needed. Strict Employment Laws protect employees in number of ways and New Zealand is committed to ensure that migrant workers are treated fairly.

If you are looking to live and work in New Zealand. You must hold any type of following categories of work visa.
Post Study Work Visa- Open

If you have completed an acceptable New Zealand Qualification in New Zealand, you can apply for a Visa to undertake any kind of work for any employer in New Zealand. Application for visa must be made in prescribed format to New Zealand Immigration.

Duration: 12 Months
Essential Skills Work Visa

By far the most popular temporary New Zealand work visa option. A person who has a full-time job and the required qualifications & experience in that field of work is eligible to apply for a visa to work in New Zealand for a temporary period of time.However, this visa will be granted only if the employer has made sure that there are no New Zealanders available to work in that particular field.

Benefits: Once this visa is granted you can even pursue studies up to 3 months in the 12-month period. You also might be able to support the visas of your spouse or children.

Duration: validity is up to 3 years (depending on the skill level of the work).
Post Study Work Visa- Employer Assisted

If you have successfully completed an acceptable qualification in New Zealand and willing to work, you must apply Post study work visa- Employer Assisted. To be eligible for this category of work visa you’ll need to have an offer of full time employment in the area which is similar to your qualification. You can only work in the job you’ve been offered for the employer who offered it. If you are granted this visa, it may help you to become eligible for residence under skilled migrant category.

Duration: 2 years (3 years if you are working towards occupational registration)
Other Work Visas

There are other types of work visa option available however these options are not very common. Please contact us for more information on these types of work Visa

  • Silver fern work visa
  • Religious Work Visa
  • Work to Residence

How To Apply


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Once you are satisfied with our advise we will prepare and lodge the application with Immigration New Zealand.